Samstag, 28. November 2015

Today's Kiln Haul - Ringtoppers

That's a picture of today's kiln haul. What a nice bouquet of Ringtoppers.
Some of them still need to be finished with a mat surface and then filled with micro glass beads (the hollow once) 
I hopefully find some time to make photos when they are finally ready to wear. 😊
Will keep you updated.

Keychains "Ethno Ethno"

I made some new key chains in ethno style. The beads have a cubic shape and a mat finish.
Available in my etsy store. :)

keychains "Ethno Ethno" in my online store

Freitag, 27. November 2015

It's torch time!

It's torch time and I'm making Ringtoppers. This one is still hot and now chilling on the kiln.
I'm in the middle of my preparations for an upcoming exhibition where I'm going to take part.
So I hope that the Ringtoppers are going to be pretty, that I have something nice to show and to sell there. 😊

New Charm/Big Hole Beads "Rose Garden"

I Today i have some more Charm/Big Hole beads to show.
Both have a white base, one is decorated with leaves and little roses sitting on top, the other one is decorated with frit in green and pink for in irregular pattern, which also gives the Impression of an Abstract rose garden.
Both fit for all well know charm bracelet collection System. The hole is 5mm (1/5 Inch) and finished with Sterling silver terminators.
They are available in my etsy store.

Charm beads in my etsy

I wish you all a wonderful Weekend! <3

Mittwoch, 25. November 2015

Hollow Bead Necklace "Green Treasures"

I'm still having hollow bead fever. :)
This time I made hollow beads in a transparent pale emerald green and decorated them with a dot pattern in white and two shades of green. They got a mat finish and I combined them with silver colored jewelry findings on a organic leather thread. 
I'm very happy with the result. It's such an elegant piece of jewelry.
Available in my etsy.

"Green Treasures" in my etsy store

Dienstag, 24. November 2015

El Palo Borracho

That's my interpretation of the "Palo Borracho", a beautiful tree you find everywhere in Buenos Aires. I love it because of its incredible pink blossoms it shows during spring time.
The picture of the tree is made in October, now the trees don't have flowers anymore. So it took me some time to realize my idea and of course the flowers on my bead are far to big, but that's what makes this tree so special for me. ☺️❤️
Focal bead in lentil shape, 35 mm (1 1/3 inch) in diameter. Probably I will make it into a pendant. 

Montag, 23. November 2015

Furniture Knobs "Romantic"

I made some knobs for furniture at the weekend which you can use to prettify it.
I decorated them with flowers with purple petals and a pink center dot. They look really special and are sure eye catchers and very individual. 
They are made on a M4 nut - I melted the glass directly on the nut - and they come together with the screw to fix them. So they are ready to use. 
Available in my etsy store.

I hope everybody has a good start into the new week. ☺️❤️

The knobs in my etsy store

Samstag, 21. November 2015

New Glass and Supplies arrived!

Finally I got my orders from Europe. I'm so happy! ☺️ A friend of mine brought it in his luggage from Overseas, because I can't buy things like that in Argentina. It's a little bit like Christmas for me.
Now I will unpack everything and store it and then I'm off to torch!

Freitag, 20. November 2015

Hollow Bead Necklace "Purple"

I made a new hollow bead necklace. This time with mottled purple glass for the hollow beads and just pure purple for spacer discs which I placed in between. All beads have a mat finish.
It was a bit tricky making hollows of the mottled purple glass, because of its consistency. It's quite a while stiff in the flame and then in just one moment it gots very soft, close to juicy. While blowing the beads I had to find  the moment when the glass is just a little bit soft, so that I could blow controlling the shape of the beads otherwise they became always eggs :)

Available in my online store.

Hollow Bead Necklace in my etsy

Donnerstag, 19. November 2015

Love my customers

Finished finally a big order. Now it's time to pack all the little treasures safely in beautiful small gift cartons for their journey to Europe. 
I know that these are all Christmas gifts and I really hope that their recipients will love them. ❤️
Love my Customers. ❤️

Focal Bead in Bicone Shape "Murrini Garden"

I made this one already a couple of days ago, but didn't find the time to make photos and prepare it for publishing.
I'm really in love with this shape. I form the bicone shape completely free, just with my paddle. It's about 5 cm (2 inch) long from hole to hole, so it's not a small bead, but will give a stunning piece used for a necklace.
The base is orange red covered with dark turquoise frit. The end are also made of this turquoise color. I decorated the Lampwork focal with 16 self made murrini in blue and coral. 
It's available in my etsy store!

"Murrini Garden" in my etsy

Mittwoch, 18. November 2015

New Keychains "Rose Garden"

They are available in my online store.

Lentil with Stringer work

I'm really pleased with that lentil I just found in the kiln. I wasn't sure if the color combination would work and couldn't nearly wait to see it this morning. But I think the colors work pretty well.
Now I'm thinking if I should give the bead a mat finish? What do you think?

Samstag, 14. November 2015

El Baul

A couple of weeks ago I bought a really old bag/trunk and brought it to a carpenter who constructed a interior to present my beads a jewelry in a nice way on street markets etc..
Today I finally picked it up and used it the first time. 
There still needs to be done some smaller additions/ improvements to present my things, but I'm really happy with it.